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From photos to written content, social media provides real estate agents with endless opportunities to showcase their experience. A real estate agent who wants to reach more buyers and sellers should look to harness the power of social media. Continue reading and discover the many reasons why social media is a must-have marketing tool for real estate agents in 2019. 

Millennials are now homebuyers

Millennials love social media. In 2019, more millennials are becoming homebuyers as a generation of young professionals in their early 20s. To maximize your visibility with this specific demographic, you must maintain a social presence. Since most Millennials check their social media accounts several times throughout a day, frequent posting and social media ads are excellent tools for capturing this audience. 

Social media allows you to maximize your exposure

Marketing has changed significantly since the emergence of social media. With so many opportunities to share on social media, digital marketing is one of the best ways to reach potential buyers and sellers in 2019. The right social media will not only allow you to build your brand online, but it will also maximize your exposure by increasing organic traffic with search engine optimization.

Social media enables you to showcase your skills and experience

How do you demonstrate to people that you are a reputable professional in the real estate industry? Sharing content such as video testimonials, listings of closed homes, and awards will help you to gain the confidence of your potential buyers through your social media channels. 

Make the most of opportunities to improve your customer service 

To deliver the best customer service possible, ensure that you are accessible in various ways. If you have social media sites, interested buyers and sellers can come to your page online and ask questions by commenting on posts or directly messaging you. 

Share your content

One of the best ways to share content online is through posting on your social media platforms. Whether it is real estate listings, upcoming open houses, or client testimonials, social media platforms are excellent places to share photos, blogs, and videos online. For example, after you write a blog post, share it on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts to extend your reach.

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