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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Every day, millions of photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram around the world. As this platform continues to grow in popularity, it is also being utilized in the real estate industry as a tool for uploading images of property listings and promotional content. With this, Instagram is one of the best platforms for targeting a younger generation of homebuyers who are incredibly active on social media. Continue reading and discover a few reasons why real estate professionals should take advantage of Instagram in 2019.

Instagram is Free

One of the most appealing characteristics of Instagram is that it is free to use. With this, using Instagram will not affect your marketing budget, nor does it take a significant amount of time to use. Due to its immense popularity, many adults are already familiar with this social platform. The addition of new features and real-time updates has led helped Instagram to evolve as an excellent way to communicate with buyers and sellers using this platform. 

Showcase your listings

Pictures and videos play a significant role in the real estate industry, making Instagram the perfect platform for showcasing a property listing. For instance, you can easily use Instagram to promote upcoming events such as open houses or networking events. It’s user-friendly interface and ease of access makes Instagram one of the best digital marketing platforms available today.

High engagement rates

Over time, a user will eventually gain a following on Instagram. By utilizing a series of content-based algorithms, Instagram works to send recent posts with the most likes towards the top of a user feed. For this reason, businesses on Instagram should post oft

n to generate higher levels of traffic, which should also lead to more engagement.

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