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Client Resources

Helpful resources for our clients

Here we have a compilation of foreclosure resources that we feel will be very helpful to our clients.  Feel free to look around!

Instructional PDFs:

  • Facts and Tips - This is a guide to the top 10 facts & tips about online real estate.


How a House becomes a HUD Home

Bidding on HUD Homes: The Secret

Useful Links:

Foreclosure Sources - We have compiled a long list of useful foreclosure web links.

Intro to Selling HUD Homes - An introduction and walk through of how Agents can register with HUD to sell their properties and how to place bids.

Foreclosure Banner Creator - Create a banner for use on your website.

Client Testimonials - Here are testimonials from our network of real estate professionals.


Advertising HUD Homes:

HUD Advertising Regulations - These will help make sure your Ads meet with appropriate guidelines



an agent through how to register with HUD to sell their properties and how to place bids

Sample Advertisement

Foreclosure Home For Sale $321,900 Pasadena 4 bed, 2.5 baths in Great Neighborhood Way below market value Phenomenal Water views, Large Deck, Too much to list…call 555-555-5555 for more details or visit YOURWEBSITE URL

Sample Ad Image

More Foreclosures at YOURWEBSITE URL

Note 1: Remember not to use the front picture of the home as we don't want to give the address away so that they need to contact you directly or go to your site!

Note 2: Remember to leave something out. Too much information can eliminate the need to contact you.

Note 3: You are legally allowed to advertise any foreclosure on your site.


Sample Introduction For ALL Calls, Messages and Emails

"Good Afternoon, this is Shannon Kloss. I am the USHUD Foreclosure Specialist in Anne Arundel County. I received the inquiry you submitted while viewing foreclosures and wanted to reach out to you. I am available to answer any questions you may have or provide you with a list of homes in the area."

  • Keep it short, keep it sweet, keep it helpful
  • Call all leads 4 times within first 2 days of receiving them (THIS IS IMPERATIVE)
  • Use email as a second attempt to reach out (Subject Line Example: USHUD Foreclosure Inquiry - Free Listings in AA County)
  • Remember buyers want to speak about properties, whether you are a mortgage professional or real estate agent asking a few opening questions will help you to build a rapport. "Did you see any properties on the site that sparked your interest?" "What gave you the idea to look for foreclosures?"

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